Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cymotive Technologies Ltd. (“Cymotive” or “We“) acknowledges and respects your privacy. This policy explains our privacy practices with respect to information which may be collected from use of our website (available at, as may be modified and updated by Cymotive from time to time, including all content provided therein by Cymotive (the “Services“). This policy describes the ways Cymotive may collect and use your personal information and the rights and options available to you with respect thereto. Your use of our Services is conditioned upon acceptance of our terms of use (available at (“Terms of Use“) and this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy lists our current policies, but, as noted below, this Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time at our discretion. If you do not agree to be subject to this Privacy Policy you should not use our Services.

  1. What personal information do you have to provide Cymotive?
    When you use our Services (or any part thereof), you may be asked to provide us with personal contact information, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, gender, age and country. You may also be required to choose a user name and password. If you acquire paid Services (if and when made available by Cymotive), we may also ask you to provide additional payment and transactions related personal information. We may also collect information about the way you use and interact with our Services, like when you use the Services.
  1. What traffic or data does Cymotive monitor or collect? 

    To benefit from our Services, your access to the Services may be routed through Cymotive’s servers. We may collect information regarding your browsing and usage of our Services.
    To make our Services more useful to you, Cymotive may collect information, such as session durations, page impressions, details of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet protocol (IP) addresses, domain name, and content types and origins. Cymotive may also store information related to online data or metadata that is routed through Cymotive’s servers, such as webpages’ addresses, structures, data fields, and images. In addition, Cymotive may monitor or store any content that you upload or download, such as message text, contact list, applications and filled-in forms.
    The stored data will be attributed to you in person, only to the extent necessary to provide you with our Services. Thereafter, Cymotive will anonymize the data and will not knowingly use the data to personally identify you.

  1. What does Cymotive do with your personally identifiable information?
    Cymotive may use personally identifiable information for the following purposes:
  1. How does Cymotive Share your personally identifiable information with others?
    Cymotive does not sell, rent, lease or share personally identifiable information with third parties for their commercial or marketing use except (a) subject to your explicit consent; or (b) as part of a specific program or feature for which you will have the ability to opt-in or opt-out; or (c) under the following circumstances:
  1. How does Cymotive use aggregated information?
    Cymotive may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information to properly operate the Services, to improve the quality and functionality of the Services, to analyze request and usage patterns, to enhance your experience, to create new services, including customized services, to change or cancel existing content or Services and for other internal and statistical purposes.
    Cymotive may use and disclose such anonymous information, to third parties, at Cymotive’s sole discretion, provided however, that Cymotive will not knowingly, or intentionally use the information to reveal your identity without your consent.
  1. What opt-out and deletion options are available to you?
    You may request changes to your personally identifiable information, by sending an e-mail to:, but please note that (a) we may not be able to edit or delete your personally identifiable information stored with our third party service providers and (b) we may be required (by law or otherwise) to keep this information and not delete it (or to keep this information for a certain time, in which case we will comply with your deletion request only after we have fulfilled such requirements).
  1. How does Cymotive secure your personal Information?
    Cymotive and third parties on its behalf use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
    Despite these measures, you should know that Cymotive cannot fully eliminate security risks or guarantee that our Services will be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unlawful interceptions or unauthorized access to the information stored therein and to other information security risks, or that your private communications on or through the Services will remain private.
  1. How does Cymotive use cookies?
    Cymotive may use cookies when operating the Services. Cookies are small pieces of information that may be sent to your device while you are using our Services. Cymotive may use both session cookies (which expire once you close the website) and persistent cookies (which stay on your device until you delete them) to facilitate the use of our Services, to collect information for statistical and analytical purposes, to verify information, to customize our Services to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. If you choose to disable cookies, some areas and certain features of our Services may not work properly.
  1. Where is my personal information processed?
    Cymotive stores and processes the information, through a third party’s hosting Services currently located in, but the location of our hosting Services may change from time to time. If you are in any other jurisdiction that regulates the transfer of personal information outside that jurisdiction, then you hereby grant Cymotive your explicit and unambiguous consent to transfer your personal information to, or any other country, as applicable, for the purposes described in this policy.
  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy
    Cymotive may change and update the terms of this policy from time to time.
  1. Contact Information
    Cymotive welcomes your comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please e-mail us at


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