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Services & Products


The automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift.
The digital lifestyle is moving into vehicles,
and cars are becoming part of the Internet of Everything.

The connected car is the convergence of multiple industries, technologies, and ecosystems with different business models, bringing together communications, automotive and consumer electronics. Vehicles will be connected not only to the Cloud, but also to other vehicles – vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) – and to their surrounding infrastructure – vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). Self-driving cars are no longer the product of science-fiction movies, and autonomous cars that run on software will have a huge impact on our lives and society.

These changes will create a tremendous opportunity for economic innovation, consumer convenience, and of course, public health and safety.


Increased connectivity means increased exposure, and as the number of functionalities increase, so do the risks. The threat is real. Attackers can and are infiltrating car systems and taking control of vehicles.

Automobiles today are literally ‘computers on wheels’, with a wide range of components that have wireless capability. Indeed, critical components of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, and telematics, have at least 50% of their functionality and complexity ‘located’ outside of the car.

The possible consequences are huge:

  • Exposure of confidential data
  • Theft of personal data and breach of privacy
  • Disruption of systems
  • Economic espionage
  • Extortion threats
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Interference with safety systems and so much more


It is critical that car manufacturers ensure that modern vehicles are not vulnerable to malicious attacks. At the same time, the data created by the consumer and the vehicle can be used to generate revenue, by predicting driver and vehicle behavior. Telemetry, fuel consumption and driving patterns can help manufacturers optimize their new car designs.

As more and more advances are made in the field of connected and autonomous vehicles, issues relating to cyber security will become more prevalent and pressing. It’s time cyber security expanded beyond its technical silo and entered the automotive industry.

The challenge


CYMOTIVE is actively enhancing the security position of OEMs and automotive suppliers by providing advanced cyber security solutions and services for vehicles.

CYMOTIVE is developing security solutions for in-vehicle systems, back-end, and mobile services, and other connected functions, by:

  • Performing end-to-end security assessments for the entire vehicle infrastructure – including back-end, network, smartphones, and specific modules inside the car;
  • Reverse engineering cutting-edge software and hardware in the automotive domain;
  • Exploring and simulating possible attack vectors – using the hacker’s perspective;
  • Creating security concepts for various vehicle platforms;
  • Providing hardware and software solutions for a wide range of security issues, affecting the entire transportation ecosystem.


As a VW AG partner, CYMOTIVE is integrated into the entire development process, giving us a systemic view, along with an understanding of specific units inside the vehicle, by:

  • Being involved in creating the security concepts for future vehicles;
  • Reviewing and creating security solutions for specific units; and
  • Creating complete hardware and software solutions for the entire automotive industry.
The solution