Forensic Analyst

Tel Aviv, Israel

About The Position

We’re looking for a specialist who can think like a Cyber attacker; an expert who understands how hackers and Cyber criminals behave and transfer this knowledge to the automotive domain. Analyze potential intrusions, threats, and vulnerabilities of vehicle inner components.

Using your Cyber Security techniques and knowledge, you will research cyber threats, develop a vulnerability management system and cyber security tools. You will be responsible for building models methodologies, and a mitigation plan for our customers. You will be studying and researching car platforms, cryptographic systems for privacy, component and theft protection, applying forensics techniques and more.

This is a chance to think differently about Cyber defense, and step into an innovative role requires using completely new tools and approaches for the automotive security industry.


·      Proven Experience At the cyber security field – At least 4 years

·      Experience in software development – at least 3 years – python/bash - preferred

·      Experience in Linux forensics –

*  knowledge of Unix/Embedded system internals

·      Experience in firmware analysis

·      Experience in Vulnerability/risk management

·      Basic reverse engineering skills and usage of disassemblers

·      Hands-on approach to problem-solving

·      Independent but also a team player


A plus:

·      BSc. Computer Science or related technical discipline

·      Experience in the automotive industry

·      Experience in Linux/embedded exploitation/Red team