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Vehicles today are literally “computers on wheels!" As more digital technology is introduced and modern automobiles becoming more connected and autonomous, hackers can gain access and control essential vehicles functions and services. This could present unreasonable safety risks, produce unpredictable results and breach the customer trust.

CYMOTIVE operates under the assumption that CONNECTIVITY is a game-changer for the automotive industry. CYMOTIVE employs a top-notch team of cyber security experts which consistently explore and employ ways to address cyber threats and keep vehicles more protected over the course of their life-cycle. Backed with the Volkswagen Group partnership, CYMOTIVE provides the full benefit of an innovative cyber group with the experience and knowledge of the largest car manufacturer.


  • CYMOTIVE is built from a world-class team of professionals in the cyber arena. CYMOTIVE is the leading cyber company in the automotive industry
  • CYMOTIVE provides a young flexible and dynamic atmosphere
  • CYMOTIVE is very well financed
  • CYMOTIVE believes in helping our people reach their full potential
  • Work-life balance attitude
  • And most importantly, we are here to have fun!
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Solutions Portfolio

Founded by a team of highly trained Israeli cyber security experts, CYMOTIVE enhances the security posture of OEMs and automotive suppliers by proving ADVANCED CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES:

Design multilayered car-security architecture and develop security solutions for in-vehicle systems, back-end, and mobile services, as well as other connected functions.

Explore and simulate possible attack vectors (with hacker-perspective) with a unique end to end approach that combines  back-end, and mobile services to/from the vehicle (back and forth).

Undertake a systematic cybersecurity risk assessment for vehicles systems, mobile services and the entire transportation ecosystem while leading complex, both hardware and software reverse engineering methods.

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Yigal Alon 94 st. Tower 1
Tel Aviv, Israel, 6789155


CYMOTIVE Technologies GmbH
Major-Hirst-Str. 11
38442 Wolfsburg

In The News

Ex-security chief Yuval Diskin forms joint venture with VW
Ex-security chief Yuval Diskin forms joint venture with VW
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