A “Purple”

One of the attributes that make us so distinctive in the automotive Cyber Security sphere is our combined Attacker (Red) and Defender (Blue) mode of work which makes CYMOTIVE a holistic “Purple” company. We took these two pillars of Cyber Security and developed our Purple approach with which we secure the automotive industry. Our approach has proven itself time and again as the most effective in dealing with Cyber Security problem solving, threat detection and protection.

This unique combination of opposite perspectives and techniques helps CYMOTIVE stand out in the arena of Cyber Security and gives us an undeniable edge in the race towards an automotive cyber-safe environment.

By Design

CYMOTIVE’s mission is clear-cut: to be a leader in the automotive Cyber Seurity domain in the era of the Connected Car, autonomous driving, and smart mobility. To achieve this goal, we help OEMs and Tier-1s implement security measures, methodologies, and procedures across the entire Engineering Development process.

Specially designed for the automotive industry and already adopted by the world’s #1 automotive group, CYMOTIVE’s Security Engineering Lifecycle model consists of five consecutive steps that are embedded into the OEM’s development cycle. Each step relies on the inputs and deliverables of the previous steps, leading to a coherent, end-to-end security approach.

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