Automated Security and Penetration Testing

Analysis and insights from deep experience with OEMs

CYMOTIVE’s CyClarity is an automated security and penetration testing framework specifically designed to tackle the complexities of protecting vehicles and fleets in a cost and time efficient approach, enabling successful completion of homologation processes.
Today’s vehicles are intricate systems composed of numerous ECUs, communication protocols, vehicle interfaces, safety systems, and postproduction systems. CyClarity addresses these complexities by identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security issues. It provides comprehensive scanning and analysis of all IoT systems, including ECUs, HiLs, test vehicles, mobility clouds, and mobile applications, enabling developers to mitigate risks effectively.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Testing automation: Offers an automated testing framework with clear reporting, allowing for rapid identification of threats with minimal effort.
  • Customizable testing: CyClarity’s Expert Builder module enables easy-to-use building blocks to generate fully customizable and advanced tests.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Options are available for end-to-end visibility of either cloud-based or vehicle-based systems, both ensuring comprehensive testing across all vehicle components and vehicle cloud services.
  • Integration into CI/CD: Seamlessly integrates into the continuous integration/continuous deployment chain during the software development lifecycle, ensuring a high level of security is maintained throughout development.
  • Regulation Compliance: Enables successful compliance with homologation process according to UN-R155 and GB.


Real Vehicle Testing for Real Results

CyClarity strengthens vehicle security for the homologation processes. The advanced scanning capabilities provide a comprehensive view of all automotive systems, for a higher level of security.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Simplify the testing revalidation process with automation and re-run tests throughout the lifecycle of your automotive software development to save on costs and time over traditional manual testing methods by 20-40%.

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