Automated Vulnerability Management


Meet the Challenges of Complex Automotive Security


Today’s vehicles are basically computers on wheels, exposed with endless attack vectors, opening them to cyberattacks targets, both on an individual and fleet level. As a result, many countries are passing regulatory standards to authorize OEMs to sell in their geographies. These standards, ISO/SAE 21434, are the base for the UN-R155 regulations that mandate OEMs and Tier 1/2 Suppliers to use some level of vulnerability management. However, there are several key challenges for OEMs and Tier 1/2 suppliers to overcome before reaching compliance and mostly importantly, to reach a comprehensive level of cyber protection.


  • Complex supply chains: Numerous suppliers contribute software components, each introducing potential vulnerabilities.
  • Connectivity risks: Interfaces like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, CAN and ETH make vehicles susceptible to remote attacks and physical attacks through the use of USBs and OBDs.
  • Incomplete SBOMs: Inaccurate Software / Hardware Bill of Materials (BOMs) from suppliers complicate vulnerability assessments.
  • Manual processes: Time-consuming methods need to be rerun at each development stage. and manual scanning typically misses many vulnerabilities. 
  • Increased threat landscape: An increasing number of attackers target both individual vehicles and fleets, from individuals to a nation-state level.

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

By leveraging deep and extensive data sources, advanced algorithms, and automated processes, CarAlert ensures thorough and cost-effective vulnerability management across the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Highlighted Features of Car Alert
  • Comprehensive analysis: Maps software and hardware vulnerabilities to the ECUs.
  • Detailed reporting: Equipped with actionable insights into critical vulnerabilities.
  • Risk assessment and scoring: Prioritizes vulnerabilities according to their potential impact.
  • Mitigation recommendations: Clear guidance on how to resolve identified vulnerabilities.
Benefits for OEMs and Tier 1/2 Suppliers
  • Enhanced safety: Protects against life-threatening vulnerabilities.
  • Brand protection: Mitigates risks that can damage OEM brand reputation.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensures adherence to UN Regulation
    155 and ISO/SAE 21434.
  • Full coverage of vehicle lifecycle: From development through post-production.
  • Includes software updates: Reassesses vulnerabilities with each update.
  • Automated processes: Save time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy with precise knowledge of the status of vulnerabilities during every lifecycle stage of the vehicle.

CarAlert enables OEMs and Tier 1/2 suppliers to take advantage of the most experienced teams and processes for automated vulnerability monitoring and management. By prioritizing and resolving vulnerabilities and exploits throughout the vehicle lifecycle, CarAlert not only saves money and time but also safeguards the brand’s reputation and, most importantly, the safety of those on the road.

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