Embedded Cyber Security Researcher

Tel Aviv, Center, Israel

About The Position

CYMOTIVE Technologies is looking for an Embedded Cyber Security Researcher!

Our mission:

Securing the safety of smart mobility!

Interested in making your mark on the future of electric and connected cars? Since 2016, CYMOTIVE has been working hand-in-hand with the global giant, Volkswagen Group, in innovating cyber solutions for the complex vehicle market. With over 2 million vehicles using our solutions in intrusion detection, vulnerability management and security testing, we are unique in the automotive industry. Now close to 200 employees, we are committed to giving each employee the opportunity to grow and develop their professional skills. Come join this exciting aspect of smart mobility and automotive cybersecurity!

What your mission will be:

You will be searching for vulnerabilities, hacking into the Electronics Control Unit (ECUs) of various vehicle manufacturers, and advising how to secure the components properly.

You will investigate and research various car platforms, components, cryptographic systems for privacy, theft protection, and much more!


Your toolbox:

1) At least 3 years of experience in the information security field, including:

  • Reverse engineering skills
  • Interest in offensive research approach
  • 2 Year, at least, as either an PT or another research-related role
  • [Advantage] Experience with embedded systems (research or development)

2) Ability to understand complex systems and identify critical areas

3) [Advantage ] Familiarity with automotive technologies (communication, architecture, etc.)

4) Hands-on approach for problem-solving

5) Ability to handle new technological concepts

6) Creativity


You should apply if you have the urge to break (into) stuff